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FF3 Manuka Enzyme Lift

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Your secret weapon for instant glow. This gently exfoliating and regenerating mask blends the highest grade Manuka honey with pineapple enzymes to instantly brighten dull skin, minimize pores, and replenish hydration. Use once or twice a week will soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and bring a velvety texture to the skin.

  • Brightening and lifting peel
  • Nutrient-rich gentle exfoliation
  • Smooths and softens texture
  • Supports cell renewal
  • Replenishes moisture depleted skin

Skin Type: Recommended for all skin types.

Ideal for: Dry, dull skin in need of hydration, refining, and repair.


What You’ll See

Rough, dry, dull skin will become smoother,
softer, and brighter. Pores will become less visible. Softening of fine lines
and wrinkles. Reduction in redness. Elimination of any flaking caused by
acclimation to other products. 

What You’ll Feel 

Skin will feel exceptionally soft, plump,
and hydrated.  

What You Should Know

This formula is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory,
and gently exfoliating. Supports healthy skin function while improving texture
and tone.



Frequency: Two
to three times per week. 

Method: Apply as a mask. Leave on 15 minutes. Wash off with FF3 Hydrating
Enzyme Cleanser or your favorite cleanser.


Key Ingredients:

FF3™ Technology: Advanced delivery system
to enhance penetration of actives, bringing targeted repair and renewal in the
deepest layers of the skin.

Manuka Honey 500+ MOG: Anti-microbial,
anti-inflammatory, humectant approved by the FDA for wound healing. Stimulates
fibroblast activity to generate healthy new cells and repair damage. Reduces
water loss and retains moisture. 

Pineapple Enzymes: Biological catalysts that gently break down dead skin cells and
speed chemical reactions in the skin.