We are Probiotic!

We are Probiotic!

What are Probiotics and Why are they Important?

Essentially, probiotics support the health of the good bugs that make up our microbiome that keep our gut and skin healthy. The balance of bacteria in our gut has a profound role in the health of our skin. An inflamed gut will eventually lead to inflamed skin, the good news is if you restore the healthy balance, you can calm inflammation in the gut and that will show on your face- literally! 


What do probiotics actually do in our bodies?

  • fight bad bacteria
  • help regulate our immune system by working to control inflammation, as well as
  • support the healthy barrier function in both our gut and skin, preventing “leaky gut” (and “leaky skin”)

Skin conditions that can be greatly improved with Probiotics: Acne, rosacea, and dry, sensitive skin.

While others can benefit from probiotics as well, if you are suffering from one of the above listed issues, it is very worthwhile to investigate the ways that probiotics can be crucial to the healing and correcting these skin issues. 




Ways of Getting more Probiotics into your Daily how to get roids Life

The two main ways your body can absorb the benefits of probiotics are through nutrition and supplements. 

Add fiber rich produce to your diet such as onions, bananas and raw asparagus. Other foods such as non-dairy yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut all have live healthy bacteria to help support a healthy gut.  As with many things, regular exercise and getting enough sleep are key to maintaining a healthy gut. 

Taking supplements can also boost gut health by allowing you to get healthy bacteria in your body on a consistent, daily basis. Keep in mind, however, that not all probiotics are created equal. Different strains of probiotics serve different purposes and, certain probiotics are much more effective than others. Call or stop by to talk with our team to find out which probiotics might be best for you!


-The Face of Jules Team