Let’s talk Microcurrent!

Let’s talk Microcurrent!

Let’s Talk Hollywood Microcurrent Facials

Microcurrent facial is a treatment that uses a low-voltage current that imitates our body’s natural iconic flow (1). This, in turn, has been clinically proven to increase ATP, or what is known as cellular energy (up to 400%) encourage amino acid uptake, & increase protein synthesis (2). Basically, Microcurrent is a machine for anyone seeking anti-aging, increased collagen production, & muscle strengthening. This superior technology uses a gentle electric current to achieve these best steroid labs results. Sounds painful, doesn’t it? In reality Microcurrent is pain-free, injection-free, & noninvasive that produces results immediately! So, if you have been looking for an alternative to botox, you’ve just found it!

Microcurrent Facial is A Workout!

Sounds too good to be true right? However, this is the real deal. You have to remember that our face is made up of 42 individual muscles and just like every other muscle in our body, they need to be worked out! And just like every other muscle in our body, the results are best with consistency. This is where Microcurrent comes in, it is the “workout” for our face. As a result of this “workout,” our skin tightens & lifts in appearance while increasing collagen production. A win win!


Does Microcurrent Facial Really Work?

Microcurrent has been clinically proven to tighten the muscles & tissues in our face which results in decrease in fine lines & wrinkles (who doesn’t love a good anti-aging bonus), stimulates the recovery of damaged tissue, aids in lymphatic drainage, enhances products to penetrate deeper into the skin, improves muscle tone & contour in the face & neck, improves circulation, and firms & tightens the skin.


microcurrent facial
If you have yet to be sold on the benefits of Microcurrent, here is a brief history lesson for you. Microcurrent has been around since the early 1900s for treating wounds, bone fractures, muscle pain, and more specifically to treat Bell’s palsy paralysis (3). Fast forward to today, Microcurrent has become an essential staple not only in spas, but chiropractor and sports medicine offices for healing the body.


Get A Microcurrent Facial Treatment

Looking for a facial to incorporate Microcurrent into your life? We’ve got you covered here at Face of Jules with our Forever Young Medical Grade Microcurrent facial. This rejuvenating facial is customized to your skin concerns while recharging damaged cells, performing the most effective lymphatic drainage as well as provides true, natural oxygenation to your stressed and inflamed complexion. You will leave with healthy, clear, extremely bright & wrinkle free skin!


(2) Cheng (1982). The effects of electric currents on ATP generation, protein synthesis, and membrane transport in rat skin. Clin Orthop Relat Res. (171):264-72
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