Certain Daily Habits That Are Worsening Your Acne Breakouts

Certain Daily Habits That Are Worsening Your Acne Breakouts

When fighting acne, many people focus on what products and steps they can add to improve their everyday routine. You may be considering collagen for acne, getting regular facials, or using specific cleansers to add to your routine.

However, it’s just as vital to consider what habits and products you must let go of. A typical everyday routine may be causing your acne to get worse rather than better.

Listed below are a few practices that are all too often disregarded and are responsible for many acne breakouts:

Washing Your Face Too Many Times

If you’re worried about bacteria buildup or exposure to pollutants and dust, it’s tempting to wash your face multiple times a day. However, over-washing removes the skin’s protecting oils and prompts it to produce even more oil as a response. Sensitive skin may get irritated and dehydrated as a result.

Too Much Scrubbing

It’s tempting to scrub vigorously, use brushes, or use textured towels to achieve the cleanest skin possible and eliminate dirt from pores. However, damage to the epidermis may trigger an increase in oil production, further aggravating acne.

Excessive Exfoliation

If you over-exfoliate, you get the same results as if you scrub too vigorously. Itching, flaking, redness, and dryness are symptoms of skin damage to the outer layers that cause the body to secrete excessive oils to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Using Harsh Chemicals and Products

Your best bet may not necessarily be the newest, sweetest-smelling, or fanciest-packaged cleanser or moisturizer. Acne-prone and oily skin requires products tailored to their requirements.

Squeezing or Popping Your Pimples

Nobody likes pimples, but it’s better to leave the removal of zits to the experts who offer facials for the skin. Don’t try to get rid of pimples by yourself. If done poorly, squeezing or popping can push oil and debris deeper into the pore. Also, you’ll likely end up with acne scars.

Not Changing Your Washcloths or Towels

Do not use the same face-washing towel every day. Towels that are either unclean or damp soon become breeding grounds for bacteria, making it difficult to clean them effectively. Using a dirty towel to dry your clean skin might spread bacteria and filth.

Changing Acne Breakouts Medications Frequently

Most acne treatments work best when used over a long period. Acne treatments take time to work, and we all want a quick cure. Changing your treatments too frequently might be counterproductive.

Not Applying the Medication Properly

To get the best results, follow the directions on the bottle of acne medicine you’re using. The only way to avoid further breakouts is to apply your medication to the affected areas. The skin produces more oil when it is extremely dry or irritated, not less.

Not Removing Your Makeup before Going to Sleep

At the end of a long night, it’s tempting to simply crawl into bed and go to sleep without washing your face. However, sleeping with your makeup on clogs your pores and hinders your skin cells from breathing and regenerating. When you sleep, your pillow will be covered with your makeup, which will irritate your skin in the days to come.

A Diet with Too Much Sugar and Carbohydrates

Several studies suggest a link between sugar and acne outbreaks, even though the scientific community is divided on the subject. Processed carbohydrates and sugar cause inflammation and insulin resistance. As a result, the hormones that are responsible for breakouts are released.


So now you see that many things can affect your skin health at any given moment. By modifying your routine and lifestyle, you can significantly reduce the number and severity of your acne breakouts.

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